Although many of the animals who enter the rescue are rehomed to forever families of their own, some of our residents are not that lucky. At Furlock Holmes, we take in animals that have been neglected and mistreated. These animals suffer and are often in pain, needing extensive veterinary treatment and lots of extra care. Some of these animals are so damaged that they are unable to be rehomed due to needing ongoing treatment for permanent health or behavioural conditions and so remain under the care of the rescue for the rest of their lives. Some of our permanent residents have never been fed a proper diet and so have dental problems, while others have been confined to such a tiny space for such a long time that they have severe behavioural issues. These are just two examples of the extra needs that some of our animals have. However, is it fair that these animals will never have a family of their own, just because they're not strong enough to leave the rescue? This is where sponsoring comes in.

Sponsoring one of our animals not only helps with the ongoing cost of their treatment, but also provides the animals with families of their own. Sponsored animals have been shown to develop a close bond with their human sponsors and enjoy lots of treats and attention. This improves their quality of life which then makes them happier and healthier. As a sponsor, you will be helping an animal in need and they can also help you in return! After a stressful day at work or a bad day at school, nothing is more relaxing than spending time with animals. For people unable to have pets of their own, sponsoring is a great way to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership, but without the daily commitment.

Candy and Flossie

Candy and Flossie have been with us since August 2017 and we have now decided that, due to Candy's poor health, we are going to keep them here as permanent residents forever (or at least until we see improvement in his condition). Candy is both blind and deaf and struggles to maintain a healthy weight. He and his sister, Flossie, are inseparable as Candy relies on her for support. However, Candy dislikes going out for a run and thumps constantly when he is taken out of his hutch. For this reason, we feel rehoming him would be too stressful and risky. As Candy and Flossie are unable to go and live with a family of their own, we are looking for someone who would like to give them the extra cuddles, attention and treats they deserve here at the rescue! They are a gorgeous pair and incredibly friendly! All we ask is for a monthly donation to help cover the costs of caring for Candy. You would be more than welcome to come and visit them as often as you like!


Frodo is a slightly older boy at 12 years old minimum. He has ongoing eye problems and is often on eye drops, as well as a problem maintaining weight. We believe he is slowly becoming blind and deaf. Frodo's main issue, however, is his behaviour. Having been left in a very tiny hutch for so many years, Frodo struggles with being in a confined area and constantly paces up and down. Frodo, however, is possibly the most cuddly rabbit we have and so would make a great sponsor!


Hercules is a very loving male guinea pig who lives with his young friend, Jaffa. Despite still being under a year old, Hercules suffers from a variety of health problems including a bad reaction to mites (which healthy guinea pigs can fight off) causing abscesses, occasional loss of use inn his back legs and an inability to maintain a healthy weight.

Consequently, we believe that Hercules is better off here at the rescue where we can keep an eye on him and provide medical attention as and when it is needed!

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All donations are greatly appreciated and go straight towards the care of the animals. This can include neutering, vaccinations and other veterinary costs, food and bedding, equipment and much more! Without donations, we wouldn't be able to run. If you would like to find out more about where your money goes or if you want to donate towards the care of a particular animal, please get in touch. Thank you!