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Although many of the animals who enter the rescue are rehomed to forever families of their own, some of our residents are not that lucky. At Furlock Holmes, we take in animals that have been neglected and mistreated. These animals suffer and are often in pain, needing extensive veterinary treatment and lots of extra care. Some of these animals are so damaged that they are unable to be rehomed due to needing ongoing treatment for permanent health or behavioural conditions and so remain under the care of the rescue for the rest of their lives. Some of our permanent residents have never been fed a proper diet and so have dental problems, while others have been confined to such a tiny space for such a long time that they have severe behavioural issues. These are just two examples of the extra needs that some of our animals have. However, is it fair that these animals will never have a family of their own, just because they're not strong enough to leave the rescue? This is where sponsoring comes in.

Sponsor for just £5 per month


Beautiful Mika is a slightly strange bunny! He one day became suddenly paralysed in one of his hind legs for reasons no one knew. Not long later, he started chewing on the toes of that leg and causing quite severe damage. His owners, wanting the best for Mika, decided to surrender him to us as they thought maybe he was lonely and distressed living without another rabbit. Mika came to us and was bonded with fellow long-term resident, Popeye. Sadly, this didn't change anything and Mika was still chewing on his toes. A recent CT scan shows that Mika has a small, metal-like piece of material on his spine which is causing the problems with his leg. No one knows exactly what this substance is or how it got there, but it is likely that nerve damage is causing his toes to tingle a bit, hence the chewing. The material is too close to the spine to remove, but Mika has now started on antibiotics, pain medication and a medication to help with the nerve pain. If this medication does not work, we may have to look to amputate his leg, but he is certainly a lot happier now that the pain is under control! By sponsoring Mika, you will help us pay for future investigation into his health problems as well as treatment.

Sponsor for just £10 per month


You may recognise the iconic Mittens from some of our previous fundraising efforts. Mittens is a beautiful, kind, gentle bunny who absolutely loves people! She sadly suffered from severe malocclusion and so had to have her incisors (front teeth) removed. Since doing this, Mittens has been a lot more comfortable, but does now struggle to pull up grass to eat! Mittens enjoys finely chopped vegetables as well as various homemade smoothies and hay. Due to not eating much hay and grass, Mittens frequently has her back teeth (molars) filed down.

Sponsor for just £5 per month


At 14 years old, Frodo is our most senior resident - and certainly the wisest! Frodo is both blind and deaf and suffers from chronic weight loss. He has ongoing eye infections which are treated with eye drops, antibiotics and painkillers. Sadly, Frodo is way too old and fragile to have much chance of surviving an anaesthetic so surgical treatment is something we would ideally like to avoid. We bathe his eyes daily and he does enjoy the pampering! 

Frodo's main issue, however, is his behaviour. Having been left in a very tiny hutch for so many years, Frodo struggles with being in a confined area and constantly paces up and down whenever the door is closed. He also hates being in unfamiliar places and panics whenever put outside. 

If you ever visit the rescue, you are bound to bump into our precious Frodo! He is a hilarious character and loved by all!

Sponsor for just £3 per month

Flossie, Yeti + Yoshi

Candy and Flossie have been with us since August 2017 and we have now decided that, due to Candy's poor health, we are going to keep them here as permanent residents forever (or at least until we see improvement in his condition). Candy is both blind and deaf and struggles to maintain a healthy weight. He and his sister, Flossie, are inseparable as Candy relies on her for support. However, Candy dislikes going out for a run and thumps constantly when he is taken out of his hutch. For this reason, we feel rehoming him would be too stressful and risky. As Candy and Flossie are unable to go and live with a family of their own, we are looking for someone who would like to give them the extra cuddles, attention and treats they deserve here at the rescue! They are a gorgeous pair and incredibly friendly! 

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