Adoption Process

Step 1: Are you ready to adopt?

Before coming to meet our lovely animals and falling in love, it is important to have a think about whether you are in a suitable position to adopt. The entire household must be involved in this decision. If you think you are ready to adopt, it is time to do some research! Using the pages on our website and other guides, such as the RWAF, research about the annual and daily needs of the pet, the amount of space they will need and also about how long they will live for! It is also a good idea to research local vets to see if you have a local exotics vet as they will be more experienced with rabbits and guinea pigs. Please ask us for recommendations if you are unsure!

Step 2: Complete our online Adoption Application Form

If you have decided that you and the rest of your household are ready to adopt, the next step is to get in touch with us to register your interest. Make sure you have read our adoption policy and understand our minimum requirements, then please complete our online Adoption Application Form or email and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Step 3: Come and meet our animals

If we have been in touch to say we have a potential match, the next step is to come and meet all of the animals in the rescue that are up for adoption. You can book an appointment to ensure it's not too crowded and this enables you to spend time interacting with our animals and getting to know them. We are also able to answer any questions you may have and show you anything you're unsure of. We do encourage you to bring all members of the household with you. You will be able to reserve an animal or two, but please note that animals cannot be taken home on the first viewing. This reduces impulse decisions and gives us time to carry out the home check.

Step 4: The home check

Once you have reserved an animal or two, we will carry out a home check. If you are buying new accommodation, it is a good idea to wait until this stage. Before buying anything, we would advise sending us a photo in order to avoid you buying something that won't pass the home check! When you have everything set up (i.e. ready to put the animals straight into), we will then ask you some questions and check your accommodation. If your accommodation is not quite right, we will advise you on how to improve it and we will continue to reserve the animals for you.

Step 5: Collecting your new pet(s)

If you have passed your home check, you are officially at the last stage of the adoption! This will normally be a week or two after you first visited us, but it could be a little longer if we need to get the animal neutered, vaccinated or if the animal is still too young to leave. As soon as everything is ready, you can arrange a time to collect your new pet(s). Please make sure you bring a suitable carrier - we will not let our animals travel in cardboard boxes or loose in the car! There will be some final paperwork to sign and you will receive your adoption pack, then you are free to take your pet home and have fun!

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