Meet the Team

None of the work at Furlock Holmes could be done without our dedicated, enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers. From as young as 4 years old, our volunteers come and care for the animals whatever the weather! Not only do they brave the elements, but they also dedicate precious time without any monetary payment. Some days they are faced with a 10-hour day out fundraising, while other days they are faced with a thorough deep-clean. Working at an animal rescue centre, whether paid or unpaid, can be emotionally challenging and can often be upsetting. We could never do it without the support of each other! 


Furlock Holmes is run by a board of trustees. The current trustees are...

  • Eleanor Bell (Chair)

  • Jennifer Farrand (Secretary)

  • Deborah Watson (Treasurer)

  • Sarah Roberts (Trustee)

  • Dr Harry Dance (Trustee)



Eleanor set up Furlock Holmesand manages the running of the charity on a day-to-day basis. She is there 7 days a week and can normally be found doing admin, giving medication or taking animals to the vet.



Since adopting two lovely rabbits from Furlock Holmes in 2018, Sarah and her family have been a crucial part in the development and growth of Furlock Holmes - and have recently adopted rabbit number 3 too!



Elliott has been volunteering since January 2019 and is very much an important part of everything! From general animal care to fundraising and visits, Elliott helps with it all and is a much-loved member of the team.



Jessica started volunteering at Furlock Holmes when she was just 7 years old! Now almost 11, Jessica is very knowledgeable about rabbits and the running of the charity and could probably run it herself!



Tia volunteers weekly with her mum, Debbie. She is fantastic at catching rabbits, cleaning hutches and she has a secret way with cats! Tia is also one of the youngest volunteers at Furlock Holmes.



Jen, with her daughter, Jessica, has been volunteering at Furlock Holmes since we first opened and helps with the animals and fundraising as well as being an important member of the board of trustees!



Debbie and her daughter, Tia, have been volunteering at Furlock Holmes for a couple of years and play a key role in helping with the animals. Debbie is also an important member of the board of trustees.



Sarah and her daughter, Alice, volunteered at Furlock Holmes for quite a while before sadly moving away - they are now long-distance volunteers! Sarah is also a trustee and helps with the important decision-making!



Since adopting her two bunnies, Sophie has probably been the most frequent volunteer at Furlock Holmes. As well as coming after school and at weekends, Sophie spends most of her school holidays at the rescue too! 



Alice volunteered at Furlock Holmes for a long time with her mum, Sarah, but sadly moved away recently. She is now a long-distance volunteer and still a very important member of the Furlock Holmes team!

Registered Charity Number 1179572

Contact Us

Phone: 01256 973727

Emergencies: 07594473339


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All donations are greatly appreciated and go straight towards the care of the animals. This can include neutering, vaccinations and other veterinary costs, food and bedding, equipment and much more! Without donations, we wouldn't be able to run. If you would like to find out more about where your money goes or if you want to donate towards the care of a particular animal, please get in touch. Thank you!