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Home-to-Home Scheme

Sometimes, a pet owner will be unable to take care of their pet anymore, yet surrendering the pet to a rescue centre may not be suitable. This could be because the animal is not suited to the rescue environment, because the owner is not in a rush to rehome their pet or because the rescue is full and has no space for the animal.

We can help the owner find a new home for their pet by posting details of the animal on our website and social media pages for the owner in our Home-to-Home Scheme. Prospective owners/adopters would still be approved via our Homecheck system.

We will give prospective adopters as much information as possible, although we cannot make any claim to accurate knowledge of the animal's health or suitability. A home-to-home rehomed animal will not have been in care of the rescue and so comes without the usual guarantees that Furlock Holmes provides. It is a form of private adoption. We will, however, ask the previous owner of the animal to send over all veterinary history and, where applicable, ensure the animal is fully neutered and vaccinated. 

If you wish to use our Home-to-Home Scheme to rehome your pet, please complete the form below, ensuring you select the "Home-to-Home" option on the second page.

Please email if you would like further information.

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