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Volunteers Needed!

We are urgently looking for volunteers to help with animal care and admin roles. If you have any free time, please get in touch for a chat! Please send an email to if you are interested in helping. Thank you!

Welcome to Furlock Holmes

Based in Whitchurch, Hampshire, Furlock Holmes (registered charity number 1179572) is one of the largest rabbit, cat and small animal rescue centres in the county. With the dedication of volunteers and the support of people in the area, our work is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming domestic animals and we strive to inspire and educate others to improve the lives of animals worldwide. We are run by a board of trustees as well as a team of volunteers who are all dedicated to our animal welfare ethos. We aim to make immediate and lasting changes to animals in need and work with local vets and organisations to do so. Join us in our fight by learning more about our mission and supporting our cause.



Every year, there are over 67,000 rabbits handed into rescue centres across the UK and Furlock Holmes alone takes in around 200 rabbits, 150 guinea pigs and 30 cats annually. While some of these animals sadly require ongoing treatment and remain in the sanctuary, the majority, once rehabilitated, neutered and vaccinated (where applicable), are desperately searching for their forever families. We offer extensive viewing opportunities to find the right pet for you, and also offer life-long support once you get your new family-member home. To prevent impulsive decisions, we have carefully put together a thorough adoption procedure and we appreciate your patience with this process. Can you give any of our animals a second chance at a happy, healthy life?

Pet Services

To help fund the rescue, we offer boarding for small animals (e.g. rabbits and guinea pigs) while you go on holiday. All animals are housed in minimum 6ft hutches overnight with access to runs on grass in a secure paddock during the day. We also offer various dog walking and pet sitting services. We can easily adapt our care to suit your pet's needs and are happy to give medication, etc. We offer a variety of walk lengths and can either take your dog on a solo walk, or they can join our group walks and socialise with other dogs. We also offer pet sitting and can stay in your home while you are away, or visit your pet on a daily/twice daily basis. Our boarding spaces fill up fast - particularly in school holidays - so please get in touch soon!

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Furlock Holmes believes in a world where the lives of animals are respected and where they are free from cruelty and suffering. We aim to bring people together in order to create the important changes needed to protect animals. We fight animal cruelty and protect animal rights through our advocacy, education and rescue efforts. We are always keen to educate pet owners of the importance of animal welfare, with a focus on rabbits in particular. We hope our website will provide people with the information needed to make the right decisions regarding care, housing, det, companionship, health, vaccinations and neutering.


We are looking for homes...


Your generosity and kindness allows us to continue our work

Thank you!

What People Say...

"We adopted Jasmine from Furlock over a year ago now as a friend for the boy we already had. Eleanor was really helpful with everything we needed to know, and with helping us find a bunny that Dude would get on with, was the right age, and would be happy as an indoor rabbit. She also bonded them for us over a few nights, which we really appreciated as we were worried about doing it ourselves! Jasmine was neutered and fully vaccinated when we got her, and was really healthy and happy. Would definitely adopt from her in the future and highly recommend them!"

— Sarah (adopted Jasmine), May 2020

Coming up...

Adoption Day

Sunday 18th Sept 2022

Our monthly Adoption Days are a chance for potential adopters to come and view the animals. Please ensure you have booked an appointment beforehand!

Adoption Day
Microchipping & Nail Clipping Day

Sunday 18th Sept 2022

Join us for our microchipping and nail clipping clinic. Microchipping will be £8 - £10 per animal and nail clipping will be £2.50 - £5 per animal.

Microchipping & Nail Clipping Day
Volunteer Open Day

Sunday 9th Oct 2022

Volunteer Open Day
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