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Traditional Hutch

A traditional hutch is the most popular form of rabbit accommodation. However, don’t be fooled by the adverts in pet shops as the majority of their hutches will not be suitable for a pair of bunnies. The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund states the minimum requirements for a rabbit hutch as 6ft in length, 2ft in depth and 2ft in height – but these can be hard to find! It is important for the hutch to have the following:

  • A separate “bedroom” area (for warmth, shelter, privacy and as an escape)

  • Enough space for a pair of rabbits to get away from each other

  • A “bedroom” area big enough for both rabbits to fit in comfortably

  • Tall enough for rabbits to stand on their hind legs and stretch

  • Fox-proof mesh (NOT chicken wire) to keep rabbits safe from predators

  • Thick walls to keep the rabbits safe and warm – some hutches also have thermal covers.

British Giant.jpg

6ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch

  • Prices start at £209.99

  • High quality wood and well-built with fox-proof wire

  • Can come with cover and attachable run

  • Safety rails and trap door for ramp

  • Easy cleaning due to removeable bars

Ryedale 6ft Double Rabbit Hutch

  • Prices start at £286

  • High quality wood and well-built

  • Can come with stand to make it an easier height for cleaning out

  • Fox-proof wire

  • Night shutters and runs can be added

British Giant (6ft Double) Wire Door Rabbit Hutch

  • Prices start at £329.50

  • High quality wood and well-built

  • Can come with an attachable run

  • Fox-proof wire

  • Apex roof for extra height

  • Two “bedroom” areas

Dog Kennels

Dog kennels are a great way of giving rabbits more space and are often tall enough for you to climb in with them! Kennels are also normally roofed so that the rabbits can exercise whatever the weather and you don’t have to stand in the rain when cleaning out. They provide a large, warm “bedroom” area as well as an attached run meaning the rabbits can go in and out as they please. The only thing to be careful of with kennels is the floor. As you can’t move them so easily, grass can get very muddy very quickly! It is normally advised to put them on a patio or concrete base. This also prevents rabbits digging out and predators digging in.

Recommended companies for dog kennels include…

Kennel 4.png
Kennel 3.jpg
Kennel 2.jpg
Kennel 1.png


Like dog kennels, sheds provide more protection from bad weather for both you and your rabbits as well as enough space for the animals to run, jump and binky! Sheds are a blank canvas for you to add all sorts of enrichment such as hides, platforms and tunnels. They are also readily available and a lot cheaper than kennels – especially second hand. You could even convert a children’s playhouse! However, it does still need to be at least 6ft long and can be attached to a run permanently or have a separate run.

Good websites for sheds include:

Shed 2.jpg
Shed 3.jpg
Shed 1.jpg
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