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We understand that lots of bunnies and guinea pigs have very long hair and need regular grooming to keep it under control. We offer to help with this to keep your pet healthy and happy!

Nail Clipping

Lots of the animals that come into the rescue have very overgrown nails. Therefore, we have lots of experience with wriggly customers who don't enjoy a pedicure as much as we'd like them to! We offer to help you clip your pet's nails without a stressful trip to the vet. We are also able to show you the easiest ways to do it if you would like to learn. Nail clipping is free for all animals that board with us or are adopted for us!

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From Angora rabbits to Peruvian guinea pigs, we understand that keeping your pet groomed and tidy isn't as easy as it sounds! We use special pet grooming equipment to get your pet looking and smelling clean again. This is especially good for animals in the heat of summer! We can either do a simple brush, or we can do a full hair cut - whatever you'd prefer! Nails are clipped free of charge during grooming.

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