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Pet Sitting

As one of our many attempts to fund the work of the rescue (and also because of our crazy love for animals!) we offer a Pet Sitting service in the local area. This involves us popping into your house once or twice a day to feed, water, clean, groom and provide company for your pets. Our Pet Sitting team is made up of possibly the most animal-loving, passionate and dedicated people in the area. They are incredibly experienced and reliable. We are also fully insured and DBS checked.

How does it work?
When you first get in touch, we will find out more about the dates you need a Pet Sitter and the pets you need looking after. We will then allocate a member of our team to you, so you and your pets have consistency and build trust with that one person. Your Pet Sitter will visit you and your pets before you go away, to ensure they know the routine and that your pets are comfortable with them. Following this, they will carry out the visits to your pets as/when required and will keep you updated with photos if you wish! When you pay the invoice sent to you by the Pet Sitter, a percentage will then be sent back to the rescue to aid our fundraising efforts.

We charge £8.50 for one visit per day, or £15 for two visits. Each visit lasts up to half an hour.
If you require someone to stay in your house overnight or to keep your pet company for the day, please get in touch to discuss a custom quote.

To find out more or book your dates, please get in touch...

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