We know how worrying it can be to leave your beloved pet in someone else's care when you go away. We also know that it can be quite stressful for an animal to live somewhere else for a little while. However, we aim to make your pet's stay with us as calm and stress-free as possible for both you and your pet.

​Why Choose Us?

  • ​We offer to send you regular updates and pictures of your pet via text or email to keep your mind at ease

  • We are primarily a small animal rescue, so we have a lot of experience with rabbits and guinea pigs

  • We treat all animals as if they are part of the family so they get lots of cuddles and attention as well as the basic care

  • The hutches are in a barn, so are sheltered from wind and rain

  • We offer to clip nails/groom your pet free of charge during their stay

  • We are fully insured

  • You are more than welcome to come and view our accommodation and meet us before booking your pets in.

Boarding Fees

  • £5 per night for a rabbit hutch

  • £4 per night for a guinea pig hutch

  • +£1 per night for each additional animal in the same hutch

  • 10% off for animals adopted from Furlock Holmes and for volunteers

An electronic invoice will be emailed for online payment.


Drop-offs and Collections

Our opening hours are as follows:

Monday 2pm - 4pm

Tuesday 10am - 4pm

Wednesday 10am - 3pm

Thursday 10am - 1pm AND 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Friday 10am - 1pm AND 4pm - 5pm

Saturday 11am - 3pm

Sunday 11am - 3pm

PLEASE NOTE: Drop offs and collections are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Thank you!


  • ​​All hutches and accessories are cleaned out thoroughly between occupants

  • Each hutch has at least one water bottle, food bowl, hay rack, wooden chew and various toys

  • Vegetables, hay and bedding are included in the cost

  • We can use our food for your pets as we have a variety of brands, but please let us know what you feed your pet in advance so that we can make sure we have the same food to avoid tummy upsets

  • Due to our amazing team of volunteers, all animals are given plenty of attention and cuddles.


  • Each boarding rabbit (or bonded pair) is kept in a 6ft hutch with a connected 8ft by 6ft run OR in a 7ft by 2.5ft hutch with time in a 6ft by 8ft run daily

  • Guinea pigs are kept in 6ft single storey hutches with access to a run during the day

  • All animals have the opportunity to go out into a run during the day to stretch their legs

  • Hutches are kept inside a barn so they are sheltered from wind and rain

  • We are located on a farm in a very secluded and quiet location, with 2 acres of gardens and paddocks.


  • All rabbits MUST be vaccinated against myxi, RVHD-1 and RVHD-2 - please bring proof of their vaccinations on arrival

  • If your pet has any health issues or requires medication, please bring this with you and give us all information we need

  • If your pet becomes unwell during their stay with us, we will inform you immediately and take them to our vet

  • Please book in advance so that we can ensure we have space

  • Dropping off and collection is by appointment only, but we are always open so are very flexible in regards to timings.

Terms and conditions

  • ​We will always use our own bedding, hay and nuggets unless alternatives are requested

  • We ask that you pay any petrol/diesel costs if you would like us to transport your pet

  • Reimbursement for damage or veterinary costs incurred by your pet during its stay will be expected to be paid for in full

  • Whilst every care is taken to make your pet's stay with us as happy and enjoyable as possible, all pets are still left at their owner's risk and no responsibility can be accepted for sickness, injury or demise of your pet

  • We expect you to keep us informed of any changes in your situation (i.e. if your holiday is extended or your return is delayed).