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Rabbit Rescue Crisis

*** DESPERATE PLEA FOR HELP *** We are in the midst of a worldwide rescue crisis. Every week, we are turning away around 50 animals due to a lack of funding and facilities. We, quite simply, cannot keep up; we are drowning. We carried on fighting throughout the pandemic, and we kept going through winter with limited resources, but there is always another challenge around the corner. The cost-of-living crisis has had a huge impact on the rescue, with bedding doubling in cost, and our food and veterinary costs also seeing a significant rise. With the huge stretch on our funding, it is sadly unsustainable for us to continue to rescue at the rate we have done for the past several years. Not only has the cost-of-living affected the day-to-day running of the rescue, but it has also caused a vast increase in demand for our services. It is heart-breaking to be opening messages from people every day who can no longer afford to neuter, feed or keep their animals. The animals coming to us have often never seen a vet, never had the correct diet and never had a suitable environment to live in. They, therefore, cost us many hundreds of pounds to bring back to health. Fighting such a crisis is causing rescues nationwide to burnout. The physical work of cleaning and feeding is nothing compared to the emotional exhaustion of deciding which animals to prioritise, and which we just can’t help. The sickening feeling of knowing those you can’t help may be released into the wild or given freely to unsuitable homes fills us with guilt, but we have to be rational and know our limits. As always, the problem stems from those breeding with no second thought about where their “stock” may end up. No questions are asked to ensure owners have done their research and, as such, owners are often unaware of the extensive veterinary care, and associated costs, that come with pet ownership. To pet shops and breeders, we beg you! Please, please, stop breeding rabbits. We simply cannot keep up. We are reaching out to ask for help. We have over 7,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram and just £1 from each follower would bring in such a valuable amount of funding and could make such a difference to so many animals. We understand that everyone is struggling at the moment. No one is having an easy time and there is still so much uncertainty about the cost-of-living. But, we beg you to take a moment to think about those animals suffering too. You may not be able to donate financially, but please share our posts on Facebook, tell your friends and spread the word. Help us in our fight to save the animals and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. 🐰 Can you help? 🐰 Please visit to donate

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