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A Sad Goodbye to Keith

It is with great sadness that we tell you Keith passed away peacefully on Monday morning. Keith had been with us for over a year and a half and received extensive veterinary treatment throughout that time. Poor Keith had complications with neutering, very bad teeth that required regular dental work, a fracture to a vertebrae and then recently developed a massive abscess across his back leg. We hoped to have his leg removed, but sadly Keith was far too unwell for this to happen.

Many of you will remember Keith from our "Keith's Teeths" fundraisers and from visiting. He was such a lovely boy and always had us laughing with his grumpy attitude in the mornings - he was certainly not a morning person! Having been with us as a sanctuary bunny for so long, we all became very attached to Keith and enjoyed getting him out each day for a cuddle and his medication.

Keith was always a bit of a "lady's man" and was a great comfort to his multiple girlfriends. Keith sadly leaves behind his wifebun, 10 year old Rosy, who is certainly grieving for him, but we are giving her lots of extra attention and treats until we can find her a new husbun.

We thank you for all your donations and support towards Keith's care throughout his time with us.

Rest in peace, beautiful Keithy

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