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Floki - Forever in Our Hearts

Yesterday we sadly said goodbye to one of our most kind, gentle, inspirational residents. Our lovely Floki had been with us a long time after joining the rescue for a sanctuary placement with his sister, Helga, due to her ill health. Sadly Helga passed almost two years ago and Floki was soon found to have some of the same health concerns she had suffered - most likely genetic.

Floki was a very wise bunny and taught us more than we could ever have expected. After Helga had her teeth removed, Floki would bring her pieces of food and sit with her whilst she took her medication. Not longer after Helga passed, Floki bonded with another toothless bunny, our famous Mittens and, again, he was gentle, caring and so very loving towards her. He always knew when Mittens was unwell and would refuse to leave her side.

Sadly, with severe dental disease and liver failure, Floki was a very poorly boy, but he lived out his last few months happily with our special-needs bunny group. He passed away peacefully yesterday evening whilst in my arms and, while we are in pain at his passing, it is a great comfort to know he is once again with his sister, Helga, and no longer suffering.

Floki will forever be remembered as an integral, popular member of the Furlock Holmes family and will be sorely missed. However, to respect his legacy, I believe we should look to learn a lesson from Floki and all he did for his bunny-friends. He taught us the importance of sticking by those around us when they may be suffering and to do all we can to help others.

Rest in peace, Floki. I hope you know you will always be very loved.

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