As a dedicated team of volunteers, we all work our absolute hardest to offer our best service to both the animals in our care and to our supporters. Being a rescue, there are occasionally sad moments, but there are also happy moments when animals end up living in their forever homes! We love to hear a happy ending! If you would like to share your experience with Furlock Holmes please do get in touch.

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"We adopted Jasmine from Furlock over a year ago now as a friend for the boy we already had. Eleanor was really helpful with everything we needed to know, and with helping us find a bunny that Dude would get on with, was the right age, and would be happy as an indoor rabbit. She also bonded them for us over a few nights, which we really appreciated as we were worried about doing it ourselves! Jasmine was neutered and fully vaccinated when we got her, and was really healthy and happy. Would definitely adopt from her in the future and highly recommend them!"

- Sarah, May 2020

"What a wonderful charity! I recently found some poor buns for sale on "Gumtree" in a terrible state and contacted Furlock Holmes for advice. I received a response instantly and they offered their support. I collected the rabbits and helped transport them to Furlock Holmes where the young lady in charge was very kind and understanding and showed a lot of passion for the animals. The poor buns were not in a good way but I have every faith in the Furlock Holmes team and I'm sure they will work their magic! They care for many unwell and injured animals and rely solely on donations. I will definitely be setting up a regular monthly donation to support the work they do. I would highly recommend this charity to anyone wanting to adopt or board their animals. They are knowledgeable, dedicated and such lovely people!"

- Mrs Richards, October 2019

"A very nice animal rescue and helpful volunteers. Bunnies and guinea pigs well-cared for with lots of space to go outside during the day."

- Monika, September 2019

"I recently adopted a pair of boys from Furlock Holmes, Eleanor and the team were very helpful when helping me to choose the best accommodation setup and answering any questions I had! Both buns are full of character and are settling in really well, whilst enjoying their hay and forage bags purchased directly from the charity! Both are neutered and vaccinated, with records provided and they seem so happy! I have attended several of the events run by Furlock Holmes and its lovely to see how the team interact with the kids and help educate the wider public on all the lovely animals. I definitely recommend Furlock Holmes to anyone looking to adopt and I'm always tempted to take on more!"


- Lindsey, May 2020

"I have been volunteering at Furlock Holmes since October/November 2018. Volunteering means that I can help animals that haven't always had the best start in life, and I am able to watch them as they grow until the are ready for their forever home. Volunteers help with cleaning out and feeding, grooming, bonding, socialising, and most importantly, loving the animals until they have somewhere to go with people to love them forever. The animals are taken care of to the best of everyone's ability and everyone works hard to give them the best life whilst they are waiting to be adopted. Furlock Holmes is an amazing place to adopt from, and I would recommend the rescue to anyone looking for a new furry friend or for anyone looking to volunteer to help out animals!"

- Caitlin, May 2020