Suki is a gorgeous Rex bunny with blue/fawn markings and she is certainly aware of how beautiful she is! Sassy Suki can be a bit of a diva and likes to demand ALL of the attention! Despite having spent most of her life indoors as a house rabbit, Suki loves to run around in the garden and would love a home where she can continue to do this (even if she is indoors at night). Suki is full of confidence and has a very strong personality! She likes to tell you where she wants her litter tray, when her food bowl needs filling and she will even push you out the way if you're on her path! Suki has been neutered and vaccinated and is looking for a home with a neutered male. We think she will thrive with a bunny companion!

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All donations are greatly appreciated and go straight towards the care of the animals. This can include neutering, vaccinations and other veterinary costs, food and bedding, equipment and much more! Without donations, we wouldn't be able to run. If you would like to find out more about where your money goes or if you want to donate towards the care of a particular animal, please get in touch. Thank you!