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Urgent Funding Appeal

WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP! Can you help us raise the funds needed for our rabbits' veterinary treatment and scans next week?!

As expected, we have seen a huge influx of surrendered rabbits since the lockdown began to ease. Many rabbits have been taken on as lockdown pets to keep children entertained and now have no purpose and so are given up on. Others have been surrendered due to changes in their owners financial circumstances and these rabbits are often those with complex medical needs requiring expensive veterinary treatment.

Despite being a registered charity, we receive no funding from the government and have not received any financial aid due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We rely solely on your donations and our fundraising efforts and any leftover costs are funded from our own pocket. Unfortunately, most grant-giving charities and schemes do not fund running costs such as veterinary fees they will only fund projects. Our volunteers work endlessly to care for the animals every day, but sadly this cannot continue if we cant fund the veterinary treatment our residents need.

Normally, we raise funds by offering boarding services, running workshops and attending various fetes. However, due the pandemic, this has also been cancelled. We also run an annual Open Day event every September, but sadly it looks like this will not be possible this year.

Some of our long-term residents have health problems that require expensive veterinary treatment. We are currently having to pay for CT scans as well as dental x-rays to try and find the best course of treatment for each animal. Sadly, these scans, as well as the cost of putting an animal under anaesthetic, are very expensive. The vets do everything they possibly can to help us, but it still costs to run the machines and for the medication needed.

Many of you will have met these rabbits when visiting. You may remember Mittens with her lack of teeth, Popeye with his one eye, Mika with his paralysed leg and Floki with his dental problems. These are just a few of the poorly bunnies we look after on a daily basis. Our volunteers put in so much time and effort to care for these bunnies, but we also need your help to fund this.

Our Facebook page has almost 3,000 followers. If every follower donated just £1, this would fund the scans and some of the treatment needed this month. Could you spare just one ice cream this month to save the bunnies? You can survive without that ice cream, but the rabbits will not survive without you!

Thank you to everyone who has visited us, supported us, donated to us and generally encouraged us! We couldnt do it without you!


Registered Charity Number 1179572

Contact Us

Phone: 01256 973727

Emergencies: 07594473339


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All donations are greatly appreciated and go straight towards the care of the animals. This can include neutering, vaccinations and other veterinary costs, food and bedding, equipment and much more! Without donations, we wouldn't be able to run. If you would like to find out more about where your money goes or if you want to donate towards the care of a particular animal, please get in touch. Thank you!