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Day at the Races

On Saturday 23rd March, we loaded the cars and went off to our first fundraising event of the season - Avon Vale Races! Not only was it in a great location, but we also got to watch the horses and the weather was fantastic. We had a very successful day and came home with over £100 from fundraising and even managed to pick up an extra rabbit on the way home! A massive thank you must go to all the volunteers who helped - it was a very long day, but everyone worked hard. A great start to the fundraising season!


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All donations are greatly appreciated and go straight towards the care of the animals. This can include neutering, vaccinations and other veterinary costs, food and bedding, equipment and much more! Without donations, we wouldn't be able to run. If you would like to find out more about where your money goes or if you want to donate towards the care of a particular animal, please get in touch. Thank you!